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Activity Schedule AGM 2022, Woodstock, New Brunswick

Tours and Activities start at 3 p.m. on May 10th.  Some are organized and some are on your own.



Tour of Covered Bridge Chip Factory – Upon Registration you will receive a ticket for a tour either the afternoon of Tuesday the 10th or Wednesday the 11th.  One ticket per registered person. Non registered folk may attend and pay the usual entrance fee. Directions will be provided.   Must sign up beforehand. 


Tour of Connell House:  This is a historic property in Woodstock and a major spot for anyone interested in history.  There is no cost and you do not need to sign up early.  Info will be available at the Registration area.


Walking Tour of Historical Prosperities in Woodstock: Information and maps will be available at the     Registration area. You do not need to sign up early.


Walking Trails in Woodstock: There are three walking Trails in Woodstock.  They are the TC Trail, Old Dam Trail and the Ada Flemming Trail. Maps and info will be available at the Registration table. You can start out on your own but at least two of the trails are a little difficult to find. Therefore, someone will lead a group to the start of each trail and you are responsible to drive yourself back to the Best Western.  If waiting for the guided start the following schedule is in place. TC Trail- 3:00 p.m., Old Dam Trail- 3:20 p.m., Ada Flemming Trail- 3:40p.m. You do not need to sign up early. Info on the trails is posted on The Branch Website under Breaking News.                      Hit Back Button


Scenic Tour of Carleton County and Optional Supper: Information and maps will be available at Registration. Starting at the Best Western we will outline several routes to take you north to Florenceville/Bristol.  This tour would allow you to see and visit a number of spots: Covered Bridge Chips, Moonshine Creek Distillery, Longest Covered Bridge in the World, The Scenic Saint John River, Potato World in Florenceville/Bristol and beautiful farm land.  For those interested there are several restaurants that are well known and supper could be an option. Exit 153 is a fine dining spots in the area. Reservations are probably a good idea for this restaurant.  You do not need to sign up early.

Also, there many spots in the Woodstock area to dine. Restaurant info is on the Branch website (Hit Back Button)           and also in print at the Registration area.


Scenic Tour of Carleton and Northern York Counties:  Heading south there are numerous things to see and do.  The Maliseet Trail, Site of Fort Meductic, Sabian Cymbal  Factory in Meductic,  Shogomoc Walking Bridge, Town of Nackawic, Big Axe Brewery, The Giant Axe in Nackawic. If you head towards Canterbury and go past the village you come to an area of beautiful lakes and many summer and year-round dwellings.  Maps and other information will be available at Registration. You do not need to sign up early.


Golf: There are two Golf Courses in the area, Woodstock and Hartland. Info can be found on the Branch Website and also at the Registration area. Contact the Golf Courses for sign up


Shopping:  Woodstock has several specialty shops that may interest you.  Check your bag at registration for discount coupons.


There are various other Points of Interest that can be found at the following page on the Branch Website: Just Hit Back Button    


For further details and web links to most of the information and sites mentioned  check out the Branch Website: Just Hit Back Button

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