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Walking Trails in Woodstock and Area

  1. TC Trail System


Woodstock is in a beautiful location, near two rivers: the mighty St. John and the Meduxnekeag.
The place where these rivers meet is at the old train bridge, now part of the TC trail system. The Farm Market sits there as well. Walking north on this trail, along the St. John River, one can go 5-6 km. return. You will enjoy the River all along the way, with both lovely older and newer homes overlooking the scenic views.


     2. Old Dam Trail


The walking trail off of Searle Street provides views of the Meduxnekeag River. At the far end you will see an abutment of an old dam that provided power to Woodstock. This dam went out in 1923, with a great flood. After you pass the quarry, keep your eyes open for two cement mounds with holes in them. These were to support the Hydro poles that transported power to Woodstock. Before the large dam at Mactaquac, there was an interval where crops were grown. This ground provided a training area for troops in the First World War.
The walk is 45 minutes to an hour, return.


      3. Ada Flemming Trail

This is a lovely place to enjoy nature. You can walk briskly for a half hour, or meander and enjoy the surroundings for an hour or more. The trail makes a circle pattern through different terrains and a wonderful section of standing large pine trees, which were established by Ada Fleming (wife of Hugh John Flemming, the 24th. Premier of New Brunswick). Historical plaques have been placed on the locations of Tappan and Minnie Bell Adney’s home, as well as Francis Peabody Sharpe’s castle home. Tappan Adney was a journalist, artist, writer, and outdoorsman. He is perhaps best known for helping to preserve the art of building birch bark canoes. Francis Peabody Sharpe was a leasing horticulturalist in the 19th. Century. Among other things, he cultivated many known varieties of apples and plums. The New Brunswicker variety being his most famous.

You can head out on these trails anytime on your own or our Past President, Jill Craig, can lead any group to each location, they can walk and return in their own vehicle.

Departure Times for each trail: # 1- 3:00 p.m, #2 - 3:20 p.m, # 3 – 3:40 p.m.  Departing From Best Western.

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